Eco Ipsum

7 Feb

Hey, it’s another impious ipsum! Yup, our sustainable ipsum is the latest in a list of light-hearted lipsums. And, we haf even given you a German version! Generators will follow, when we figure that one out.

With the amount of insincere ipsums available online it’s getting easy to write a little story…

Lets say a Hipster goes out to dinner with a Gangsta from Australia. They have a bacon starter, followed by tuna mains with two scrumptious veggies. They wash it all down with some beer and have cupcakes for dessert. Together they talk about their start-up and how it’s going to go corporate (you all know not to talk about politics or religion or weather). There’s a nerdy young journalist from Yorkshire listening in. He’s pretending to read an author from the Classics. That makes the manly hairy hipster swear. He wishes zombies and a Vatican assassin upon the journo! The thought of which is so comic that they order some more liquor. They decide to go to the movies to watch Samuel L. Jackson, Arnie, The Big Lebowski or Scarface. But they opt for TV instead, preferring to watch old shows and sing theme songs. Finally, they choose from Daleks, Star wars and Matrix in the Outer Space channel.

So, did you notice? There’s no weather ipsum! Not even a climate change ipsum – any takers?

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