A dollar’s worth of hunger

20 Apr

A colleague of mine and I offer a course together on Hunger – he brings in the nutritional-medicine aspects, e.g. hunger metabolism, while I contribute the nutritional-systems aspects, e.g. commodity trade. One of the aspects we covered this week was poverty –  absolute and relative poverty. Poverty thresholds (lines) used by countries around the world can vary very widely by  up to 40 USD. Perhaps you are familiar with the commonly used poverty lines of 2 USD/d (an income below this = poverty) and 1 USD/d (income below = extreme poverty), such as mentioned in the Millenium Development Goals? The income threshold is, of course, meant to cover an entire basket of goods needed for living, including shelter. This is where I like to bring in visuals for that Dollar a Day:  The artist Jonathan Blaustein came up with a project called “The Value of a Dollar”  in which he strips foodstuffs to the value of one USD down to naked commodities.


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