Protesting the loss of public fountains

23 Apr

Luzinterruptus describes itself as an anonymous artists group carrying out urban interventions in public spaces using light and dark. In Europe’s spring 2012 their Mutant Weeds installation did the rounds of various design, art and environmental sites. Since I’m running a course on water in the food system I was interested to discover their Agua que has de beber installation. luzinterruptus explains that more than half of the public drinking fountains in Madrid have been lost within 30 years so the thirsty have to buy bottled water or walk some kilometres (miles). Through the ephemeral guerilla light installation they reclaimed four unused fountains to make a statement about water as a necessity for life and the reactivation of fountains from their purely ornamental state.

One Response to “Protesting the loss of public fountains”

  1. Modmissy April 23, 2012 at 20:21 #

    Water is a basic human right and if we have to employ tactics in the form of art to make that statement – well all the more power to the artist!

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