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Plastic Dogs

27 Jul

Robert Bradford: FooFoo 2Just look at them, aren’t they beautiful?! I love these. It’s the colour! I love colourful. And I think it’s the shape and form, which manage to convey the essence of the dog, which are so stunning and what makes them into successful art. Have a look at the next one, Terrierist, to see what I mean. Anyone who’s met a West Highland Terrier will recognize that little taut body and the pert eyes riveted on you.

Robert Bradford: terrierist

Besides British-born Robert Bradford, whose work these dogs are, there’s another that manages to convey the animal spirit in her work, Sayaka Kajita Ganz. While Bradford works with plastic toys, Ganz’s materials of choice are reclaimed kitchen utensils. As someone who enjoys cooking I think this is just great. Can I have these in my kitchen, perhaps? Besides the form of the animal she captures motion, wow, does she capture it. Looking at the horses below, I can feel the wind brush me by. I can feel those penguins plunge swiftly into icy waters with the bubbles streaming out behind them. You can watch a video of her working on Emergence¬† here, see more of her work here.

Sayaka Kajita Gans: Emergence

Sayaka Kajita Gans: Plunge


The price of urban sprawl

24 Jul

(via Street Art Utopia)

You can find this Street Art in Belgrade, Serbia. It’s by the Italian artist BLU from 2009. It reminds me of a number of cartoons by Austrian cartoonist Horst Haitzinger. He started publishing cartoons in satirical magazines as a student back in 1958. In Germany, where he lives, he is particularly known for his political and environmental sketches. Here’s one of his watercolour cartoons which BLU’s street art made me think of.

Horst Haitzinger

The speech bubble says “After all, we all want to get to the beautiful wilds quickly and comfortably!”. You can find it in the book Globetrottel, a wordplay on ‘Globetrotter’ and ‘Trottel’ (German for ‘idiot’). There doesn’t seem to be a website devoted to him but the internet is peppered with his cartoons and you can see some more ecology-oriented watercolours on Hans Bacher’s blog here.

Noah’s Ark would be smaller these days

19 Jul

(via ads of the world)

Stiftung Artenschutz (roughly translates as Species Conservation Foundation) is a group of almost 50 natures conservation societies and zoos in Germany working to preserve highly endangered species and their habitats. This outdoor advertising campaign was developed by McCann Erickson in Berlin. I believe it went public in June 2012.

Prayers for Sustainability

13 Jul

(via ffffound! where there are more of them)