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On the importance of context in nutrition

7 Sep

“The problem with nutrient-by-nutrient nutrition science is that it takes the nutrient out of the context of food, the food out of the context of diet and the diet out of the context of lifestyle.”

Marion Nestle, New York University nutritionist, found here.


Cardillo sensa gabbia

6 Sep

First you paint yourself a Goldfinch (4 stories high!), then you and your artist friends climb on its back and fly away over the city of Naples in Italy. And live to tell the tale here. and here.

Simon Jung, Paul & Hanno Schweizer

How many things does London have?

5 Sep

If the average European has 10.000 things (see here) and Greater London has 7,825 million people (estimates for mid-2010) then London has 78,25 billion things (and it has lots of numbers: Quite a lot of those have been gathered together in art installations by Scottish artist David Mach. At least that’s what the installation gallery looks like. It’s the sheer mass of stuff that is impressive.

Its one thing to think of how much stuff one person has, and even to aim to make do with less, as here. But it’s quite another to think of scaling that up for a village, a town or a megacity. Luckily we have a whole host of artists working with accumulations, bulk, stockpiling, conglomerations and amassings, such as Chris Jordan whom we mentioned here. His artworks Running the Numbers I and II use images to portray statistics, for America and for the world, respectively. To the North there’s Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky and his works, e.g. the Urban Mines series. Then there’s salt installation artist Motoi  Yamamoto, and, of course, Song Dong, who is at this year’s dOCUMENTA (d13), to mention a couple.

I wonder if any of the magazines used below were ever read or even opened?


C_David_Mach(found David Mach via colossal)

Of DIY cafés and public spaces

4 Sep

Remember that sustainable kitchen concept we presented here? Well, there’s a lovely mobile sister version reminiscent of that which Austrian-based duo Ania Rosinke and Marciej Chmara came up with. Their project Mobile Hospitality won a DMY award this year, one of three award winners. The wheelbarow-kit gives you the opportunity to reclaim some public space, mix it with some hospitality and spice it with design. Turn your sidewalk into a café and enjoy some community with passers-by. The whimsy garden hose with footpump is my fav! Here are some impressions, all from chmara.rosinke.

(found via remodelista)