Three simple steps to sustainable development

13 Nov

1. seeing

2. owning

3. doing

Getting on a path to sustainable development is like getting on a path to enlightenment. At the beginning most of the work is about becoming aware, seeing things that you didn’t see before, expanding your consciousness, your awareness of the state of things, of how things work, in what ways they are connected and of the consequences of things, its reframing what you see in ever bigger frames.

The second step is accepting what you now see, the more that you now see, and taking the responsibility for it, its owning your part in it, its owning your ability to be responsive to what you now see, accepting is an act of embracing, of surrender, of drawing something towards you.

The third step is acting on the ability you have to respond, its doing something, anything, its translating impulses into energy, its manifesting transformation. If accepting is drawing something to you so that it touches you, doing is stepping right into it, engaging, effecting.

All the steps are active steps. All the steps are empowering steps. All the steps can be repeated and repeated and repeated.

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