Need a remedy for ‘compassion fatigue’?

29 Nov

My good friend Robert (thanks mate!) sent me a link to the video of the new charity single Africa for Norway (here). Just in time for Christmas the Norwegian group Radi-Aid is asking Africans to send over radiators to Norway to combat frostbite and cold. The spoof campaign draws very serious attention to outdated and hopefully soon defunct ‘poverty porn’ communication of social plights, i.e. the Bleeding Heart Communication strategies we mentioned here. Have a look at what they want here.

The current top youtube comment is a neat extension of the stereotyping issues underlying the campaign: “the radiators will just be stolen and fuel their viking tribal warfare. They’ll have a population explosion and then they’ll just need more radiators. By interfering, you’re just going to increase the misery. Let them freeze, that’s their way of life.” (fellaciousderp)

And for more of the same there’s a good article by Nathaniel Whittemore at co.exist with a few more vids too. There’s a lovely one called Call Me Hope (on Paul Simon’s You Can Call Me Al)  by Its one out of a series in their campaign Stop The Pity. Support The Potential., see more here.

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