When chairs come out of the sea

1 Dec

The Sea Chair Project is an art project inspired by a polluted British beach. In a collaboration between Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves of Studio Swine with Kieran Jones, the designers developed a unique way to reclaim plastic waste, such as found in that Great Pacific Garbage Patch we touched on here, and make it into unique chairs.



The process starts with mining the sea-shore using a nurdler (see image below), a sluice-like contraption related to old mining practices. The plastic pellets (nurdles) can be sorted by colour while the unique daily harvests make for one-of-a-kind chairs.


The design trio went even further: Not just recycling plastic pollution, but also recycling the fishing industry: The entire process of sea-surface mining, sorting and chair-making can fit on a small fishing vessel. And even recycling the oil-rig industry: one day, so they suggest, then-defunct oil rigs can mine the sea for plastic waste.

Cheers peeps, I’m off nurdling!

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