You can change the world with kitchen utensils

25 Dec


Philippe Witjes, who co-produced Himself He Cooks and Golden Kitchen, is also a cook by training. He seems to have done some volunteer cooking in his time, much like what is the centre of these two films. Such volunteer kitchens providing opportunities for service are also part of the Vipassana retreats worldwide that we mentioned here and here.

One of the legendary volunteer cooks (actually, come to think of it, the only one I know) is Dutch-born Wam Kat. Christened Pieter Jan Herman Fredrik Kat, Wam is best known as the vegan – or, at times, vegetarian – “demo cook”, the good kitchen soul that cares for the hungry at political rallies and demonstrations. Ask yourself: Who is feeding the Occupy Peeps? What are they eating? And what are they demonstrating against or for?

Political & peace activist, author and social worker, Wam co-founded the Dutch cooking collective Rampenplan. Kat, who currently lives in Germany,  has made some recipes and stories available in his book entitled Wam Kats 24 Rezepte zur kulinarischen Weltverbesserung (roughly: Wam Kat’s 24 recipes for culinary world improvement). You can see many more photo impressions at his website here and there’s a 71-minute documentary called Wam Kat and the Nature of Hope that you can watch here.


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