Kitchens without borders

26 Dec

You will probably know MSF – Medecines Sans Frontieres (doctors without borders) and perhaps you have come across RSF – Reporters Sans Frontieres (reporters without borders). So you might be intrigued – as I was – to discover CSF – Cuisine Sans Frontieres (kitchen without borders).


I first read about this Swiss organisation in the spring edition #20 of the young food-cooking-cooks magazine Effilee. In it the founder of CSF was portrayed: David Höner, cook and film-catering entrepreneur, and the birth of CSF in 2005 was described. Höner and his wife were in Colombia in a civil war situation for some press coverage work. There he observed people fighting for survival, too depressed and scared of one another to leave their houses. So he decided to create places that people could visit, along the lines of a neighbourhood pub, small restaurants with protection for the host. David says it’s not about providing food, it’s about hospitality and conviviality, so really, it’s about community.


CSF projects described on the website are in BrazilColombia, Ecuador and Kenya, such as the bakery in the woman’s prison in Quito, Ecuador, and there are some youtube videos about these here. But the best impressions can be garnered on the blog here.

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