An Example of Equanimity

29 Jan

Imagine this is your life’s story:

You, of Mexican working class lineage, are born into the early Detroit 40’s in Michigan, USA, a year before the race riots. By the time you hit your 20’s Motown has been founded, Martin Luther King spoke of his Dream, and while Detroit’s having more race riots in the late 60’s you release a low-impact single and follow it with two low-impact albums in the early 70’s. But no grand music career develops. You work in manual labour for the next 20 years, raise your family and dabble a bit in local politics. But no great political career develops. Then, you’re about 56, two chaps from the tip of some wild continent come and tell you that you’re a star in their country. Not only that, but they arrange for you to tour to packed  halls there. Repeatedly. Then elsewhere. And they make a film about the story.

And you, in the film Searching for Sugar Man, you just take the highs and the lows that your life presents you with, with such an equanimity that I am reminded of another of the Vipassana precepts: Remain equanimous, keep a balanced mind in the face of all vicissitudes of life. Remain without craving for pleasant sensations, remain without aversion to unpleasant sensations. Equanimity is purportedly one of the four sublime states of mind taught by the Buddha: Love or Loving-kindness, Compassion,  Sympathetic Joy and Equanimity.

If you want to see what Equanimity looks like, watch the man as the story of Rodriguez unfolds in the film. And the film is just great anyway. Much, much more here.


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