Elders with amazing life experience

11 Feb

logo-377d2eb5ea499d85ec40523fa2684d27This blog has maintained that your granny knows more about sustainability than you do. Now there is a platform to connect you with grannies and gramps who know more than you do about other things too. London’s Sidekick Studios launched The Amazings, a marketplace for retired people to sell their skills. Those include Foraging for a Wild Food Event with Terry, French Cooking or Bread-Making with JP and Champagne & Fine Wine Tasting with Maria.What would you like to learn from an amazing elder?


One Response to “Elders with amazing life experience”

  1. D. Campbell February 13, 2013 at 09:43 #

    Hi Carola — thanks for that titbit – it ‘s something johan & I subscribe to as well … actually a care centre in Friesland has asked us to adopt / adapt Lifelab to serve the needs of people in their old age homes & those affiliated receiving home care … the idea of utilising old people as lifecoaches is a great one — and by highlighting what someone who is now old, grey & infirm USED to be is an excellent way to remind their young caretakers that there is more to them than meets the eye/.

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