Next time you go dining bring your own packaging

23 Feb

My friend Divium tackled me about the immense use of unsustainable take-away packaging used by food chains in South Africa (it’s almost all styrofoam!). This one is especially for you, Divium!


Hunter Moyes, chef at the Waldorf Hotel in Vancouver BC started off The Tiffin Project about 5 months ago. You buy a stainless steel lidded food container, you use it in participating restaurants for your take-away (earning yourself a discount), you enjoy your take-away without contributing to landfill & resource depletion. A portion of the tiffin-proceeds goes to improving sourcing at the participating restaurants. Simple?


One Response to “Next time you go dining bring your own packaging”

  1. Truida Prekel February 23, 2013 at 08:07 #

    Hi Carola – great idea. And I’m sure we can take our own containers for many other things we go to buy. Reminds me of a restaurant in Lafayette Indiana, that – if you asked for a Doggy bag, had a cute “people’s bag” with a person standing on his knees, begging the dog for the left-over. Long live the take-homes and after-taste of a too-ample good meal!

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