Meal Packaging: Rantang

4 Mar

The set of stacked containers for transporting food is known in Indonesia as a RANTANG, such as these colourful enamel exemplars.


According to the translation help I got from Paralink customers in Banda Aceh below are shown considering golden rantangs for the hajj.


On a wordpress blog that wants Indonesians (and others) to stop selling ancient bikes overseas there was a nice picnic entry with rantangs (see the next two photos), which just goes to show that they are still very much part of life there (I hope so). (Translation courtesy of paralink)


While traversing the Indonesian Interwebs in search of yet more Rantangs I found some non-metal variations, such as the teak rantang up next, suggested use: snack plate when entertaining guests. Also bamboo and other woven versions, use: probably fruit, nuts, any dry foods, I guess, if used in a rantang sense, though they’re not really ones. The lower right hand one is an Ate Grass Basket, woven by Nengah Danantara, according to the artisan story that goes with the product.



2 Responses to “Meal Packaging: Rantang”

  1. YunitaGena March 11, 2013 at 07:04 #

    i just found this, i notice that you like any kind of meal packaging. i think it is an unique interest 🙂

    • YunitaGena March 11, 2013 at 07:05 #

      oh yah, and the word “rantang” hit my Indonesian’s eyes. LOL

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