Meal Packaging: Some Pretty Modern Renditions

5 Mar

Today lets look at some more modern renditions of these food carriers. If we want to enable habit changes, whether it be what you carry your lunch to school/study/work in or your take-away concept, then I think we will only be successful if we make things (more) attractive. These make the mark IMHO, starting with the ceramic+teakwood rantang (next two pictures) from Jenggala Keramik company in Bali.

2010_06_29-rantang1_klein 2010_06_29-rantang2_kleinMiss Sinclaire has the tiffin lunch kit coming up next for sale on the artist platform BigCartel. It’s a two-tier ceramic version with a cork lid with a cloth strap & stainless steel fittings.


Melamine + colour = yay! These stacked carriers have been on the markets for some time but they are still delightful. The simple form and the bright colours make them very attractive while being rather durable and dishwasher-safe.


Food carriers like these are ideal for travelling in any form. Below is a stainless steel vacuum insulated food carrier with a food jar bag. The individual bowls have lids while the Thermos version includes chopsticks or folding spoons.


And then there is this beauty: Designer Rob Englert of Ram Industrial Design calls this Dabba (Lunchbox).  It has a felt covering-cum-placemat, a bamboo lid and silicone-based bowls. Roll on lunch & picnics.



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