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Head-to-Tail: Sustainability in Restaurant Concepts

16 Jun

Here’s a restaurant concept for a transitioned society: Djuret serves one animal at the time. Literally. If you come in August/September you get Cow. If you come in September/October you get Deer & Duck. If you come in October/November you get Elk & Boar, November/December you get Deer & Hare and finally in December: Pig.


The Stockholm-based restaurant considers this to be the most sustainable way to work with a slaughtered animal both from an organic perspective and out of respect to the slaughtered animal. Their menu consists of different meat cuts and more from the same animal. Further pictures here and here, including the deco lamp-cum-meat-grinder. This ‘whole-beast meat restaurant’ is part of a group of restaurants you can read up on here. Previously mentioned head-to-tail concept-restaurants include our entries here and here.


Tiffins in Taipei

11 Jun


Oopsie, last entry April?? Termtime has me firmly in hand! Just yesterday I treated my students in my course on Food Culture to a Foodie Film: Ang Lee’s Eat Drink Man Woman. Every summer semester I offer this English course to our own and our exchange students, exploring where food, nutrition and culture meet. Food in media, including film, is one of our subjects. Last time I showed Babette’s Feast and I don’t think I’ll ever run out of films to choose from: besides those pictured below there are Fried Green Tomatoes, The Scent of Green Papayas, and don’t forget Dinner Rush! IMDb has its own compilation while there’s a user-generated list with an irreverent cartoon take of Eat Drink Man Woman here.


Eat Drink Man Woman revolves around a Taipei family father and master chef, Mr. Chu and his three daughters Jia-Ning, Jia-Kien and Jia-Jen. Besides lovingly preparing Sunday family meals, Chu ends up preparing school meals for a “granddaughter” figure, Shan Shan. Imagine my delight in seeing him take the meals to school in a tiffin (see the still from the film below)!


San Diego’s online source for Asian culture, JadeDragon, claims three world class chefs, numerous food experts and more than one hundred recipes authentically prepared went into the making of Eat Drink Man Woman.  Treat yourself to the opening scene. It’s a meditation and a homage to food preparation, just beaut!