Head-to-Tail: Sustainability in Restaurant Concepts

16 Jun

Here’s a restaurant concept for a transitioned society: Djuret serves one animal at the time. Literally. If you come in August/September you get Cow. If you come in September/October you get Deer & Duck. If you come in October/November you get Elk & Boar, November/December you get Deer & Hare and finally in December: Pig.


The Stockholm-based restaurant considers this to be the most sustainable way to work with a slaughtered animal both from an organic perspective and out of respect to the slaughtered animal. Their menu consists of different meat cuts and more from the same animal. Further pictures here and here, including the deco lamp-cum-meat-grinder. This ‘whole-beast meat restaurant’ is part of a group of restaurants you can read up on here. Previously mentioned head-to-tail concept-restaurants include our entries here and here.


One Response to “Head-to-Tail: Sustainability in Restaurant Concepts”

  1. Truida Prekel June 16, 2013 at 18:42 #

    Thanks, Carola – very interesting concept, to reduce waste and treat animals with respect. I think they may just have some problems or drop in sales in their pig month. Maybe they don’t have many clients from non-pork-eating cultures.

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