Chips deconstructed

1 Nov

The internet is a wondrous place. You can go off on a serendipitous journey and learn yet another new thing. Take the Aussie restaurant Jimmy Grants. It takes its name from a cockney-fied version of ‘immigrants’ and covers the Greeks, Italians and Middle Eastern families that emigrated to Australia decades ago. Jimmy Grants picks up on this history and (Greek) culture and conveys these through its menu, decor and website.


deconstructed pommes frites

The restaurant is one of a series owned by chef George Calombaris (yeah, the family name is a give-away). To mix the old with the new, Jimmy Grants recently did a knolling shoot (have to parade this new word I found yesterday) of six special menu items.


deconstructed salad with pulses and cereal grains

The menu item bonegilla is a chicken & lamb combo with onions, parsley & condiments, as you can see deconstructed below. EatMelbourne explains that it’s named after the Bonegilla camp near Wodonga, Victoria, which temporarily housed refugees and assisted European immigrants after World War 2. It aimed to teach the ‘jimmy-grants’ to speak English and help them learn about the way of life Down Under.


The homer: falafel (pulses again, jolly good show!), greek yoghurt and hellenic slaw – sounds most mediterranean.


And picking up on more immigrant lore, the patris: a souvlaki (or souva, as its more commonly referred to over there) with skewer-grilled prawns, cucumber, honey, mayonnaise, mint and coriander. The menu item name is given by the ship that carried migrants to Australia, broadsheet tells us. Lookee here, it used to carry to Cape Town too!

tumblr_mtee0p8Q1z1sah693o6_1280_kleinFinally, as with meals so with this entry: dessert: doughnuts: greek doughnuts with walnuts and honey. Yum. Thanks, Trendland.


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