When the philosophy of dieting is organised and structured

2 Nov

you may be thinking of Food Throttle, a New York company announcing a dieting app just four days before the 2013 World Food Day (Oct., 16th). This ‘healthy eating, food infomatics solution’ approached two Mannheim-based designers, Dennis Adelmann and Carolin Wanitzek to up the brand. Dennis and Carolin did some raw foods organising and created six pretty stills (below) and two making-of clips. There are also four clips of rotating 5-a-day members (fruit ‘n veg) which made me think of that ground-breaking opening scene in the film The Matrix, where the camera seems to rotate around Trinity while she finishes off the policemen closing in on her.  While Food Throttle’s six-pack is more purist, Adelmann & Wanitzek did some sandwich deconstruction photography for a concept store in Frankfurt, see their project Goldentree.

ft1_klein ft4_klein ft3_klein ft6_klein ft5_klein ft2_klein


One Response to “When the philosophy of dieting is organised and structured”

  1. Truida Prekel November 2, 2013 at 09:06 #

    Thanks Carola – you always discover and share the most interesting novelties!

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