Still life with food (not woodpecker)

5 Nov

Swedish Pjadad describes itself as a multidisciplinary experimental studio that works within the fields of design, art and branding. One of its projects is “Still Life” which it did for the Swedish food lab Atelier Food.


af_stillife_02_kleinThe project description explains that “The still life represents the work of Atelier Food and the connection between food and society. It links the playfulness and creativity within the project with the ambitious goals and long-term challenges.”

af_stillife_03_kleinSadly this enticing website has Swedish info only (its structure made online translation use difficult) but by ways and means of non-devious kinds I was able to glean the following: Atelier Food is a platform for developing future society by food – and, at the same time, seeking the food future. It’s a platform for experimentation and studies through a series of “labs”, which in simplest terms means that a number of creative people with different knowledge are collected in a kitchen to develop new ideas, new dishes and new raw materials. The meeting between contemporary gastronomy, art and environment has emerged internationally as a tool for change and development.


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