And you thought cutlery was for getting food from your plate to your mouth

12 Mar

Along comes Seoul-born Jinhyun Jeon, a Master of Arts graduate (Social Design) from Design Academy Eindhoven (remember fellow grad Jihyun Rou we mentioned here) and gives that idea a thorough shake-rattle-and-roll. Jinhyun’s MA thesis on Synthetic Sensorial Stimuli uses Synaesthesia as a source of design insight and then applies this to eating implements. Result: Sensorially stimulating tableware designed to make eating an experience rich beyond food.


The thesis is listed in the Graduate Show 2012 Project Directory here and here. Jinhyun started exploring how people visualize taste here,


then conceived the idea of cutlery as a sensorial appetizer here,


before designing a full tableware set using metal, plastics and ceramics here, which she sees leading to mindful eating and rediscovering a healthy and joyful relationship with food. Jinhyun worked with the 5 senses (hear, touch, see, taste, smell), 4 tastes (sweet, sour, salty, bitter) and 5 elements (temperature, colour, texture, volume/weight, form). (via dezeen)


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