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Wie man Interesse an Kram, Krempel und Zeugs loswerden kann

2 Mar

„Wer ein interessantes Leben führt, verliert sein Interesse an materiellen Werten.“

Yvon Quiniou, Philosophie Dozent, Frankreich

gesehen bei Prof. Dr. Gustav Bergmann “Marketing in Einrichtungen der Sozialen Arbeit: „Steuerung“ der Außenbezüge”
4. Fachtag “Sozialmanagement” zu dem Thema „Systemisches Management“ in der Sozialen Arbeit, Münster 2014

s.a. Yvon Quiniou zu Gast bei Raphael Enthoven, Sonntag, 090214 auf ARTE (Association Relative à la Télévision Européenne) im Programm Philosophie – Planet Marx (Bonus)


Lunchbox – The Film

17 Nov

Dear Peeps Who Read This Blog Entry: Yesterday afternoon we decided to make it a movie night. My husband was perusing the films on at our local favourite cinema and came up with >>Lunchbox<<! Hey, he said, you’ve been writing about lunchboxes in your blog, how about this one? A film about a lunchbox, I thought?! So I looked at the trailer and saw tiffins, dabbawallas and Mumbai featuring and of course we were set to go.

The-Lunchbox-2013_kleinThe film revolves around a dabba delivered astray and the lives involved (so it really does star a lunchbox!). There are three main characters: a government employee Saajan Fernandez (superbly played by Irrfan Khan), a housewife Ila (charmingly played by Nimrat Kaur) and a new government colleague Shaik (convincingly played by  Nawazuddin Siddiqui). This is a delightful, human film that will leave a delicious cookie in your heart.

600x450_kleinWe were a little surprised as we bought the tickets last night to be asked whether we had made a reservation and that there were very few places left. Turns out we went to a preview with guests: director Ritesh Batra, producer Karsten Stöter and leading actress Nimrat Kaur (Ila) came along after the movie for a discussion with the audience! How’s that for a serendipitous evening?

the-lunchbox_szenenbild_03_preview_kleinBatra, who’s also responsible for the script, is debuting with this film and kudos to him for this IndianGermanFrench collaboration. It won the Critic’s Week Viewers Choice at the International Cannes Film Festival in May this year and a couple more awards elsewhere. BTW, the German film site features some recipes for the film food here.


Dis-Assembly instructions

3 Nov

Swedish assembly instructions for furniture? IKEA. Assembled ingredients in a Swedish kitchen? IKEA’s cookbook Hembakat är Bäst (Homemade is Best) – even when deconstructed. The neatly organised ingredients and the knolled baked goodies are best seen on this project page which also gives all credits due: Evelina Bratell (styling), Carl Kleiner (photography), and many more.

deconstructed almond shells

deconstructed black forest cake

deconstructed black forest cake

deconstructed cream puff

deconstructed cream puff

deconstructed vanilla crescents

deconstructed vanilla crescents

deconstructed cinnamon horseshoes

deconstructed cinnamon horseshoes

deconstructed somethingsomething tartlets

deconstructed somethingsomething tartlets

deconstructed toffee cookies

deconstructed toffee cookies

deconstructed princess cake

deconstructed princess cake

deconstructed almond buns

deconstructed almond buns

The icing on the homebaked cake: The droll app Kondis (stamina). You get all of the book plus how much to exercise to eat said recipe results – and some audio motivation too. It features a granny (yay, granny!) baking cinnamon rolls and jogging through green fields to work up the right caloric deficit.


When the philosophy of dieting is organised and structured

2 Nov

you may be thinking of Food Throttle, a New York company announcing a dieting app just four days before the 2013 World Food Day (Oct., 16th). This ‘healthy eating, food infomatics solution’ approached two Mannheim-based designers, Dennis Adelmann and Carolin Wanitzek to up the brand. Dennis and Carolin did some raw foods organising and created six pretty stills (below) and two making-of clips. There are also four clips of rotating 5-a-day members (fruit ‘n veg) which made me think of that ground-breaking opening scene in the film The Matrix, where the camera seems to rotate around Trinity while she finishes off the policemen closing in on her.  While Food Throttle’s six-pack is more purist, Adelmann & Wanitzek did some sandwich deconstruction photography for a concept store in Frankfurt, see their project Goldentree.

ft1_klein ft4_klein ft3_klein ft6_klein ft5_klein ft2_klein

Tiffins in Taipei

11 Jun


Oopsie, last entry April?? Termtime has me firmly in hand! Just yesterday I treated my students in my course on Food Culture to a Foodie Film: Ang Lee’s Eat Drink Man Woman. Every summer semester I offer this English course to our own and our exchange students, exploring where food, nutrition and culture meet. Food in media, including film, is one of our subjects. Last time I showed Babette’s Feast and I don’t think I’ll ever run out of films to choose from: besides those pictured below there are Fried Green Tomatoes, The Scent of Green Papayas, and don’t forget Dinner Rush! IMDb has its own compilation while there’s a user-generated list with an irreverent cartoon take of Eat Drink Man Woman here.


Eat Drink Man Woman revolves around a Taipei family father and master chef, Mr. Chu and his three daughters Jia-Ning, Jia-Kien and Jia-Jen. Besides lovingly preparing Sunday family meals, Chu ends up preparing school meals for a “granddaughter” figure, Shan Shan. Imagine my delight in seeing him take the meals to school in a tiffin (see the still from the film below)!


San Diego’s online source for Asian culture, JadeDragon, claims three world class chefs, numerous food experts and more than one hundred recipes authentically prepared went into the making of Eat Drink Man Woman.  Treat yourself to the opening scene. It’s a meditation and a homage to food preparation, just beaut!

Culinary practices in crime

9 Mar

Whodunnits – set in other times and places – are a favourite of mine, certainly because of the crime stories but also because of the small window into another culture and into another era, courtesy of the authors. Two in particular I would mention here: Firstly, the Erast Fandorin Series by Boris Akunin (Grigory Chkhartishvili), whose tongue-in-cheek treatment of his tsarist-Russian hero adds to my reading delight. Foodscapes in the form of banquets and cafes feature as backdrops for the unfolding stories.


Secondly, the Judge Dee Series by Robert van Gulik, set in China during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.). Here culinary habits add to the temporal setting. The detective escapades are based on the historical magistrate Di Renjie (or: Ti Jen-chieh). van Gulik, a Dutch diplomat to Asia, first translated an 18th century Chinese detective novel Dee Goong An on the legendary Tang statesman, before starting off on his successful series.


One of the recurring customs in the Judge Dee books is the serving of tea kept warm in a tea basket to the judge. I always imagine Judge Dee puzzling over the aspects of the crimes while sipping hot tea kept warm in a travelling tea set such as the following examples.

936746_kleintea 5_kleinteaset_kleinUnbenannt_kleinTea Set 2_klein

An Example of Equanimity

29 Jan

Imagine this is your life’s story:

You, of Mexican working class lineage, are born into the early Detroit 40’s in Michigan, USA, a year before the race riots. By the time you hit your 20’s Motown has been founded, Martin Luther King spoke of his Dream, and while Detroit’s having more race riots in the late 60’s you release a low-impact single and follow it with two low-impact albums in the early 70’s. But no grand music career develops. You work in manual labour for the next 20 years, raise your family and dabble a bit in local politics. But no great political career develops. Then, you’re about 56, two chaps from the tip of some wild continent come and tell you that you’re a star in their country. Not only that, but they arrange for you to tour to packed  halls there. Repeatedly. Then elsewhere. And they make a film about the story.

And you, in the film Searching for Sugar Man, you just take the highs and the lows that your life presents you with, with such an equanimity that I am reminded of another of the Vipassana precepts: Remain equanimous, keep a balanced mind in the face of all vicissitudes of life. Remain without craving for pleasant sensations, remain without aversion to unpleasant sensations. Equanimity is purportedly one of the four sublime states of mind taught by the Buddha: Love or Loving-kindness, Compassion,  Sympathetic Joy and Equanimity.

If you want to see what Equanimity looks like, watch the man as the story of Rodriguez unfolds in the film. And the film is just great anyway. Much, much more here.