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Something extraordinary

24 Oct

I used to have a saying stuck up on my wall:

‘Live an ordinary life extraordinarily.’

Graphic designer Jessica Ettridge must have connected with that too for her project Extraordinary. She selected a few products that we use every day: soap, a toothbrush, scourers; products where we perhaps do not give much thought to the way they were made or our use and consumption of them. Jessica explains that her project is about enhancing our appreciation of everyday projects. That’s a sentiment that sits well with sustainability. Imagine if we gave the same appreciation to everything we use, to every object we touch. Imagine if we re-invested them all with the extra-ordinary.




Wie man Interesse an Kram, Krempel und Zeugs loswerden kann

2 Mar

„Wer ein interessantes Leben führt, verliert sein Interesse an materiellen Werten.“

Yvon Quiniou, Philosophie Dozent, Frankreich

gesehen bei Prof. Dr. Gustav Bergmann “Marketing in Einrichtungen der Sozialen Arbeit: „Steuerung“ der Außenbezüge”
4. Fachtag “Sozialmanagement” zu dem Thema „Systemisches Management“ in der Sozialen Arbeit, Münster 2014

s.a. Yvon Quiniou zu Gast bei Raphael Enthoven, Sonntag, 090214 auf ARTE (Association Relative à la Télévision Européenne) im Programm Philosophie – Planet Marx (Bonus)

How to lose interest in material goods

2 Mar

“Who leads an interesting life, loses their interest in material values.”

Yvon Quiniou, French philosophy lecturer

gleaned from Prof. Dr. Gustav Bergmann’s presentation “Marketing in Einrichtungen der Sozialen Arbeit: „Steuerung“ der Außenbezüge”
4. Fachtag “Sozialmanagement” zu dem Thema „Systemisches Management“ in der Sozialen Arbeit, Münster 2014

You can see Yvon Quiniou as guest of Raphael Enthoven in the German/French programme Philosophie – Planet Marx (Bonus), which was aired on Sunday, 090214 on ARTE (Association Relative à la Télévision Européenne), a Franco-German TV channel with a predilection for the areas of culture and the arts.

Louis Vuitton only put a camp bed in a trunk. Hotello is a whole hotel room in a trunk.

15 Apr

We’ve been talking about portable meal packaging (= food carriers), including travel bars and mobile kitchen-cafés over the past weeks. Hotello takes it to a whole new level. Genovese artist Roberto da Luca teamed up with architect & designer Antonio Scarponi of Zurich, Switzerland, to create a package that will give you a 4 sq m space, containing everything you need (note: need) for work (office room) and rest (hotel room). A metal structure is used to support curtains which are sound absorbent and translucent (not transparent). There is a further curtain layer to give you darkness. Once these are rigged up you have a room. For that room you have in your trunk a desk, a stool, a shelf, a locker and a lamp.



Raising the next generation

12 Feb


Can you get it down to 100 things?

29 Mar

There’s this guy called Dave who, “after years of living a life filled with stuff instead of contentment”, came up with The 100 Things Challenge: make do for one year with 100 items. Only 100 items. He beats Simon Evans by a whole order of magnitude: Whitney worked out Simon has about 1.122 things on his poster. And Simon beats the average European by another whole order of magnitude. I think the interesting and valuable thing about the Challenge is how it inspires people and engages them.  So many tried this out for themselves and came up with their own versions – even down to 50 Things – and counting!