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Winter’s coming: Granny Food

21 Nov

Winter’s coming here in Europe and as it gets progressively colder I think more and more of comfort food, cocooning and: Grannys. (Well, they just go so well with comfort food and the Festive Season, don’t they?) Gabriele Galimberti embarked on a photography project celebrating grannys and their cooking skills around the world. It’s called Delicatessen with Love and here are some excerpts. The recipes are available on the project page, “underneath” every picture set. Most of the dishes are a wonderful testimony to ‘home economy’.


This is Gabriele’s Granny, Marisa Batini, 80 years old, from Italy and her dish: Swiss chard, ricotta Ravioli and meat sauce


Maria Luz Fedric from the Cayman Islands: Honduran Iguana with rice and beans. I just love her smile! (and, of course, the iguana. I have never seen an iguana on a kitchen table)


Here’s another lovely smile: Pan Guang Mei from China with Hui Guo Rou, meaning: twice-cooked pork with vegetables. Look at the ingredients on the left, it looks so little (so few items). Look at the dish on the right, it looks so full and yum!


Rosane Liborio from Brazil with: Garlic prawns, rice and prawns pirao (Pssst! Notice the knolling!!)


Eti Rumiati from Indonesia, having cooked Soto Betawi, i.e. beef soup with coconut and vegetables (Pssst! deconstructed Indonesian dish!)


A lady with an infectious smile: Regina Lifumbo from Malawi: Finkubala – meaning: Caterpillar in tomato sauce (Psst! Yes, neatly organised food!)


When the philosophy of dieting is organised and structured

2 Nov

you may be thinking of Food Throttle, a New York company announcing a dieting app just four days before the 2013 World Food Day (Oct., 16th). This ‘healthy eating, food infomatics solution’ approached two Mannheim-based designers, Dennis Adelmann and Carolin Wanitzek to up the brand. Dennis and Carolin did some raw foods organising and created six pretty stills (below) and two making-of clips. There are also four clips of rotating 5-a-day members (fruit ‘n veg) which made me think of that ground-breaking opening scene in the film The Matrix, where the camera seems to rotate around Trinity while she finishes off the policemen closing in on her.  While Food Throttle’s six-pack is more purist, Adelmann & Wanitzek did some sandwich deconstruction photography for a concept store in Frankfurt, see their project Goldentree.

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