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When buying clothing

1 Jul

SimplyRainer and I have this little household rule that we devised for the Kitchen Kingdom: If we wish to buy a new, electric kitchen appliance, we must give up of an old one. That way we try to curb increasing energy needs in the home galley. So, last time, instead of getting an electric meat-cheese-bread-whathaveyou cutter, we got a manual one. That means, instead of plug-and-play, you have to master the art of the manual slicer … at least a little bit. Actually, we also apply that rule to cookbooks, but more to curb our rapacious recipebook hunger (and, more to the point, our limited space for the books in the kitchen). Anyway, I had to think of our Little Rules when I saw this ragbag idea today: It s a shopping bag which you get with new clothing purchases, turn it inside out and put old, unneeded clothing in, close and send by pre-paid post to a charity of your choice.


Uniforms for the Dedicated , which is where this initiative comes from, started off as a Swedish artsy collective and is now or includes a fashion label under the same name and a store in Stockholm. Currently their 2014 collection runs with silver fox (or Smoking Fox, as UftD calls it) Aiden Shaw. My, what an interesting character…



What to do with old baguette

18 Oct

Make a table.

Baguette Tables were created by Studio Rygalik (Tomek and Gosia Rygalik) as a nudge on food waste. The tables – made from stale baguettes about to be thrown away – were part of the Vienna Design Week Laboratory.

Clothe a fashionista.


Photographer Ted Sabarese shot the project HUNGER PAINS in 2009. It’s a series of models clothed in real food items. Each model is wearing the food constituents of a meal they would love to eat. You can read up about the project on his blog. It’s best to use “hunger pains” as the search word to find all the relevant entries, including a making-of-filmclip.