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Invite someone dangerous to tea

19 Feb


Translation into English can be found here. Teas can be found here. Doesn’t Pu-Erh sound like something Winnie-the-Pooh would contemplate, after too much honey maybe?


Learn to watch snails

19 Feb

Everyone is an artist

Let yourself fall.
Learn to observe snails.
Plant impossible gardens.
Invite someone dangerous to tea.
Make little signs, that say “Yes” and distribute them around your house.
Be a friend of Freedom and Uncertainty.
Look forward to dreams.
Cry during movies.
Swing yourself as high as you can, on a Swing by Moonlight.
Cultivate various moods.
Refuse to be “responsible”. Do it out of love.
Take lots of naps.
Give away money. Do it now. The Money will follow.
Believe in magic.
Laugh often.
Bathe in moonlight.
Dream wild, imaginative dreams.
Draw on the walls.
Read every day.
Imagine, you were enchanted.
Giggle with children.
Listen to the old.
Open up, dive in, be free.
Bless yourself.
Relinquish fear.
Play with everything.
Entertain the child within.
You are innocent.
Build a castle from blankets.
Get wet.
Hug a tree.
Write love letters.

Loose translation from German of Jeder Mensch ist ein Künstler by Joseph Beuys found here.