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About spoons

10 Mar

adbusters_max_temkin_oil_poster_kleinDesigned by Max from Chicago (first seen at adbusters).


In a postfossil world …

6 Mar

… we can use cutlery to nudge or effect change. Postfossil, a Swiss design collective did just that on the subject of eating less meat with their project 5 forks. The first progression takes a fork from being an implement with which it is difficult to one with which it is impossible to cut meat.


The second progression of anti-carnivore-cutlery is a statement on slow food: the smaller your fork the slower you eat.

pf_juri_cutlery_slowfood_01_webPostfossil have their product archive over at issu, see here. The Juri-Cutlery-Set can be found on pagespread 22-23.

Nobel prize winning physicist designs stove

4 Mar

Maybe it’s not news to you, but it was to me. And we’re talking 1912 Nobel Prize for Physics here! It went to Gustaf Dalen, a Swedish physicist, who was employed as the chief engineer of the Swedish company AGA (Aktiebolaget Svenska Gasaccumolator). Yes, by now you’ve guessed it: Gustaf invented the AGA cooker, a stored-heat cast iron stove today manufactured by Aga Rangemaster Limited.


This dapper Gentleman physicist, as the story goes, invented it because his wife was exhausted by constant tending to the cooking range. Someone, get that man a museum! Oh, they already have one in Stenstorp, his birthplace, about 140 km (87 miles) northeast of Göteborg (Gothenburg).


Somehow, I get the sense that these are the stories we should be telling children. If they’d told my child-me choose physics and you can go on to design a country kitchen dream stove some day, maybe, just maybe, I would have chosen physics. (via the magazine Living, No. 1 2014, p. 37)

P.S. Autocorrect wanted to make a Dalek out of Dalen; maybe you’re thinking Dr. Who? … (ok, I’ll show myself out)

Of DIY cafés and public spaces

4 Sep

Remember that sustainable kitchen concept we presented here? Well, there’s a lovely mobile sister version reminiscent of that which Austrian-based duo Ania Rosinke and Marciej Chmara came up with. Their project Mobile Hospitality won a DMY award this year, one of three award winners. The wheelbarow-kit gives you the opportunity to reclaim some public space, mix it with some hospitality and spice it with design. Turn your sidewalk into a café and enjoy some community with passers-by. The whimsy garden hose with footpump is my fav! Here are some impressions, all from chmara.rosinke.

(found via remodelista)