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Packaging cooks egg

22 Mar


While trying to get some background on Koop’s More Freedom for Hens campaign, I came across this delightful little Russian idea: The Gogol Mogol. Buy protectively packaged eggs with a pull-tag to start a chemical reaction in the packaging, heating and cooking your egg for ready consumption where and when you are. Conceived by KIAN, a Moscow- and Novosibirsk-based agency, designed by Evgeny Morgalev, according to here and here. The designers won a number of awards for this packaging-and-cooking concept, such as the Cresta award (Gold in the Design Category, 2013) and the Pentawards (Gold in the Concept Category, 2012). I’d like to see some tentative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of this … meantime I’ll enjoy a Gogol Mogol, otherwise known as a Russian Egg Nog type drink. The recipes revolve around eggs and sugar, with a grand variety of further ingredients, e.g. lemon, orange, vanilla, nutmeg, honey, rum, brandy, liqueur.  It’s reputation includes belonging in the cupboard of grandma’s remedies and a tonic for singers, nobility and everyone else. Find a yummy recipe on theydrawandcook or here.



31 Oct

Deconstruction is a bit of a buzzword in cooking and food circles. Not to be equated with molecular gastronomy, it can be simply explained as the breaking down into constituent parts and the putting back together in a new way – apply that to a recipe, a meal or a food and off you go. The idea has also been applied to various food photography projects with rather pleasing outcomes: Things Organised Neatly – as one tumblr puts it. I’ll give you an overview today and present each in the following days. Lets start with this lovely simply recognisable-ingredients version of Alexandra Korey‘s:


deconstructed bruschetta

Want a deconstructed tomato plant? Visit Austin Radcliffe’s tumblr to indulge in your OCD. It will likely remind you of Ursus Wehrli’s sorting sprees which we reported here. I think they should meet with the seriously obsessed Melissa Easton.


deconstructed tomato plant

Include the tomato in a typical English breakfast and deconstruct (in this case: organise neatly). Midday meal: mushroom soup? Seems there’s a unique term for this: knolling, meaning to arrange a defined set of objects (I’m thinking maths here) in parallel or at 90° angles as a method of organisation.


full English breakfast organised neatly


deconstructed roasted mushroom soup

In the next entries we’ll simplify a twelve-course meal and deconstruct some more recipes plus have some fun with a foodie agency.