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Packaging grows veggies

25 Mar

vegetables1_kleinGrow vegetables. Harvest vegetables. Clean, sort and pack vegetables in consumer-sized portions. Wrap in packaging and label vegetables. But Sustainability! Reduce packaging: check. Re-use packaging: check. Recycle packaging: check. UK-based Bachelor-of-Arts student Ben Huttly came up with a method to 3R the packaging of veggies: a biodegradable tag afixed with biodegradable twine. Not that I’m convinced by the biodegradable packaging on the market but this one is at least different as follows: After use you take the tag and plant it. Being full of veggie seeds it will grow into your next serving. Ben’s self-imposed brief was how to inspire people to start growing fruit & veggies. Yes, the critics will be saying, “But why should veggies be packaged at all?”, “Laser-etching (used to save on inks & dyes) needs energy too?” but guys, this is still a step better for all the packaged veggies that you do find in retail.


What to do with old baguette

18 Oct

Make a table.

Baguette Tables were created by Studio Rygalik (Tomek and Gosia Rygalik) as a nudge on food waste. The tables – made from stale baguettes about to be thrown away – were part of the Vienna Design Week Laboratory.

Clothe a fashionista.


Photographer Ted Sabarese shot the project HUNGER PAINS in 2009. It’s a series of models clothed in real food items. Each model is wearing the food constituents of a meal they would love to eat. You can read up about the project on his blog. It’s best to use “hunger pains” as the search word to find all the relevant entries, including a making-of-filmclip.

Stop recycling and start repairing!

15 Jun

Here’s a neat manifesto by the folks from platform21 in Amsterdam from their project Platform21 = repairing. Their initiatives inlcude The Most Remarkable Repair Contest with quirky entries from all over the world, The Repair Hub for sharing well-kept secrets about Fix-it whizzes, Repair Clinics, an Ode To Duct Tape (well almost) and a some further inspirational tidbits. (via Mrs. Easton)