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Eats shoots and leaves

19 Dec

You may remember the old punctuation joke about the hungry (or was it homicidal?) panda: ‘Eats, shoots and leaves’ – or – ‘Eats shoots and leaves’. What with the growing vegetarian and vegan trend, it may be fair to revisit the nose-to-tail trend we looked at here and here and here. What do vegans do for nose-to-tail? Why, root-to-stem, of course!

There is even a cookbook on The Art of Using the Whole Vegetable by Tara Duggan which no doubt ranks with Deborah Madison‘s aptly named book Vegetable Literacy.

Root_to_Stalk_klein Vegetable-Literacy_sm_klein

And a REALrestaurant and Green Restaurant certified catering company that calls itself Root & Stem .

And there’s school memories in the image of plants grouped by the parts we eat, together with 9 plant ‘families’



In a postfossil world …

6 Mar

… we can use cutlery to nudge or effect change. Postfossil, a Swiss design collective did just that on the subject of eating less meat with their project 5 forks. The first progression takes a fork from being an implement with which it is difficult to one with which it is impossible to cut meat.


The second progression of anti-carnivore-cutlery is a statement on slow food: the smaller your fork the slower you eat.

pf_juri_cutlery_slowfood_01_webPostfossil have their product archive over at issu, see here. The Juri-Cutlery-Set can be found on pagespread 22-23.