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Can you get it down to 100 things?

29 Mar

There’s this guy called Dave who, “after years of living a life filled with stuff instead of contentment”, came up with The 100 Things Challenge: make do for one year with 100 items. Only 100 items. He beats Simon Evans by a whole order of magnitude: Whitney worked out Simon has about 1.122 things on his poster. And Simon beats the average European by another whole order of magnitude. I think the interesting and valuable thing about the Challenge is how it inspires people and engages them.  So many tried this out for themselves and came up with their own versions – even down to 50 Things – and counting!


Everything he has

27 Mar

Simon Evans: Everything I Have, 2008. Pen, paper, scotch tape, white out. 60 1/4 X 40 1/8 inches. Can be seen online at the representing gallery James Cohan Gallery. I first saw this over at Barbara Putman Cramer’s sustainable-foodie-design blog Living Antenna. Here’s some more detail.